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Dokument Naam
Bill of Rights
Bitter Brood G A Watermeyer
Blacks Law Dictionary
Brief aan Toekomstige Burgers van ZAR Boer Volkshuis Tribunaal
Common Law Links 2020.10
Common law court manual English
Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Joint Sovereignty
Die Republiek van Duisend Jaar G.A. Watermeyer
Eed van Getrouheid 01/2021
Emancipation forms 1 to 7
IEC Deregistration Form
Introduction Letter to Documentation
Notice 1
Notice 2
Notice 3
Notice To SANDF - 2021.04.20
Notice To SAPS - 2021.04.09
Notice To SAPS National Commissioner - 2021.04.25
Notice of Understanding & Claim of Right -SANDF 2021.04.20
Notice of Understanding & Claim of Right and Intent
On Sovereignty - 2020.11
Private Emancipation Steps - 2020.11
REC 6 Form for de-registration as a voter
Settlement Covenant
Sovereign Letters Patent
UN Resolution 1514 Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples
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